SMTP Server – Technical Things Explained In Details

The most complicated and unique procedure acting behind the flow of email on internet is called as SMTP. Its acronym stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it helps to send emails from the sender’s mail to the recipient’s inbox. Surprisingly, its process is not understood by most of the users instead they send emails every day without knowing what happens behind it. Just to grasp the inner workings of the email we’ll see how this SMTP server is related with email to make it a valuable form tool for communication purpose.  

SMTP server step by step process 

A SMTP server acts as a regular server and it takes information it gains and it gives the information to the other side by finding out the correct inbox to be delivered. It works out in single direction as SMTP deliver only the outgoing mail and it does not receive incoming messages. Coming to the point here is the simple process carried out by SMTP to help email reach their recipient’s inbox. 

In the email client, the user fills out the form which contains

  • Recipient’s name
  • Address
  • The message 

Then the user will press send 

His email client gets connected to the SMTP server of the domain.  

Sends all the information to that server including email addresses and contents. 

If the addresses from both sides have same domain name the message is sent directly to the IMAP or POP3 server of the recipient. 

If the domain names are different then here SMTP relay server plays its role by accessing the DNS (Domain Name Server) and through this it will get the recipient’s IP address. 

Now the sender’s SMTP relay server will have the IP address of the recipient and with that it connects to their SMTP server. 

The receiver’s SMTP server now scans the sender’s email and then it checks whether it is a non – blacklisted IP address or a domain. If it is so, then it will accept it and give it to the POP3 or the IMAP server. 

The above said steps are the simple but detailed process adopted by the SMTP server and it enhances the email communication to be the most effective form of communication in trend. All these steps are done instantly which helps to carry out communication quickly and easily. 

Same as other server 

Technically SMTP server is also a normal server as it does the work as the other normal servers do. It simply processes data and sends it to other server and it is merely an application which constantly runs to anticipate sending newer emails. Now it is clear from all the above points that if you didn’t buy SMTP inbox server it’s impossible to send email to the required destination. Once the user hits “send” after entering all the essential data, the work of SMTP starts and it instantly acts to send message to the recipient. It also helps to verify whether the outgoing mail is acting from an account which is active and it is the major server to protect the inbox from the illegitimate email.